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I'm sending this to pretty much everyone who knows me...

For those not reading about this on my blog, my midwife found a lump in my breast last week. She thinks it's probably a fibroadenoma (i.e. hormonal and not worrisome), but it's in the same spot on the same breast where my mother found her first malignant lump. She was only 4 years older then than I am now, and she was dead 7 years later from metastatic cancer.

SOOOO, I am trying not to worry about all of this but only kind of succeeding. I am going in on this Monday morning at 9 am EST for an ultrasound, and possibly a mammogram if they feel my breasts are amenable to that (I'm still lactating, but REALLY minimally).

Please, at any time between now and then, at home or at your place of worship or anywhere or any way you choose, please send prayers and vibes and wishes that I get definitive word that this lump is totally harmless. Thanks.

good vibes

Date: 2008-02-01 07:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sareena99.livejournal.com
Consider it done :)
I have also posted this to friends who may not have seen it here or on LLL lists.


Date: 2008-02-01 08:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nwhiker.livejournal.com
You've got 'em.

Take care and loads of hugs!

Date: 2008-02-01 09:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] chatgoddess.livejournal.com
You are in my thoughts and have been for days and days. Sending virtual hugs and strength

Date: 2008-02-01 09:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dihoon.livejournal.com
Absolutely. {{Hugs}}} Hope your worrying will be over soon!

Date: 2008-02-01 11:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] quiznitediva.livejournal.com
Special vibes for you, warm & sunny Down Under vibes with a splash of Indian ocean and the scent of summer flowers to wrap around you, protect and heal.

XXX ((()))

Date: 2008-02-02 01:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mia-d.livejournal.com
I'm sending hugs, snugs, *hugs* and *ULTRAHUGS* your way. USE THEM ACCORDINGLY

(good luck, I'm rooting for you!)

Date: 2008-02-02 07:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] miesje1984.livejournal.com
Praying. vibing -- doing it all.

Mega mega hugs to you xoxoxoxox

Date: 2008-02-02 04:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] laurabz.livejournal.com
Continuing to send you good vibes!!!!

Date: 2008-02-02 06:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] polkaboy.livejournal.com
You are in my thoughts and prayers. My mother had breast cancer a few years ago, and she beat it successfully. Medicine has advanced so much in the past decade, I think we are very fortunate compared to previous generations. Keep the good vibes flowing!

Date: 2008-02-03 12:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bizarrogirl.livejournal.com
I've been thinking about you a lot, and will continue. Sending all kinds of good healthy vibes.

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