beanmom ([personal profile] beanmom) wrote2008-09-08 08:22 am


I dropped both kids off at school this morning, with their little backpacks and their little lunchboxes, and their little outfits that they picked out last night. Now I'm home alone, and the part that's feeling nicest to me right at this moment is that I don't have to talk to ANYONE for the next 6 hours. Bliss.

On the downside, that silence seems to be enforcing itself upon me a bit more strongly than I expected, because my email and website just went down. The hosting guys are on it, but "on it" for them can still take hours and hoooooouuuuurrrs. Whatever.

[identity profile] 2008-09-08 03:57 pm (UTC)(link)
That must be so surreal.
I won't have a quiet house, for hours at a consistent time for
many many many many years. . .
I would be all over a nap. Exciting, no?

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1st day here too -- C in 1st grade! so all 3 gone 9-3...omg!

happy new school year!